3rd January

OTD 1720 #Duns George Crawford accused of scandalous behaviour with Marie Law. Neighbours investigated his presence after midnight. He was found in bed, Marie naked.He testifies to collecting stockings she had knitted for him. Marie denies knowing George was in her house at all.

2nd January

OTD 1709 #Duns Kirk Sessions refer Thomas Brack, Beatrix Midcap, Janet Rutherford, Janet Johnstoun & Janet Spence to the Civil Magistrates for failing to attend their public rebuke. Margaret Corssar scolded neighbours whilst drunk #kirkdiscipline #c18th #scottishborders #history

1st January

OTD 1710 congregation of Duns were 'exhorted to extend charity to the poor' and in 1730 Lister was reported to have entered and fought in Margaret Corsar's house, demanding a clock left by a Dragoon. Duns Kirk Discipline Book #kirkdiscipline #c18th #scottishborders #duns #history

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