12th January

OTD 1737 #Dunbar 'The Session Considering that it is Necessary to keep an Exact Register of the Dead, which has hither to been neglected' #scottishkirk #kirkdiscplinebooks

11th January

OTD 1730 #Dunbar 'Lords Day was prophan'd about the Shoar and other Places in the Town by some employed in their Pastimes in the time of Divine Worship... The Session appoint two of the Elders with a Town Officer to search the Town in the time of Sermon' #kirkdiscplinebook

10th January

1731 #Dunbar The role of the community and Kirk in protecting those in unfortunate circumstances; 'The two women that had taken care of the Child expos'd at Belton were allowed each of them two shill[ings]' #scottishkirk #kirkregister

9th January

1740 #Dunbar The use of wealth; 'Mr Knox desir'd him [the clerk] to acquaint the Session that he absolutely declin'd' to give any public satisfaction' and was 'willing to give a piece of money to the Poor, if they'll condescend to dismiss him with a Sessional (private) Rebuke'.

8th January

OTD 1735 #Duns 'Unchristian behaviour of ? Smith spouse to Mr Hume Chirugeon here who upon Thursday last cohabited the whole night in the House of Thomas Gord[?] A Dragoon…This being a scandal of adultery'. The case was referred to presbytery court #scottishkirk #disciplinebook

7th January

OTD 1728 #Duns Margaret Carswell irregularly and bigamously married to Thomas Brown a Dragoon, was rebuked as an adulteress. She did not know he had wife, he had declared to Presbytery 'he had never been married to any other woman but to Margaret Carswell' #scottishkirk

6th January

OTD 1740 #Dunbar Margaret Hoggart a young woman 'who lately came to this place...compear'd, confess'd her self with child and gave William Begby...For the father of it and that it was begot on the 26th of June last in the said James Begby's house' #scottishkirk #disciplinebook

5th January

OTD 1746 during the Jacobite Rebellion: 'A list of all able bodied men in this parish was made up and transmitted to the Sheriff Clerk as app[ointed]'. #scottishborders #kirkdiscipline #Dunbar #jacobiterebellion

4th January

OTD 1713 'Minister and Elders of the Kirk Session of Dunbar taking to their consideration the great abuse committed by children playing in the Kirk yard [and] frequently to break and destroy the glass in the Kirk windows .... ' #Dunbar #scottishborders #kirkdisciplinebook #c18th

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