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22nd January

OTD #Duns John Anderson and Janet Watson were irregular marriage, however 'it being represent'd that said Janet Watson was married before and that her husband went abroad some some years ago and also [?] talked to one Charles Atchison who is newly come from abroad asserts that the said Janets husband was alive when he... Continue Reading →

21st January

1710 #Dunbar Janet Thomson, spouse to Martin Gray a seaman in the Queens Ventures, went 'to Felton lying betwixt Morpath and Aunick in England,' Discovering he had previously left two children, in poverty, with his mother. Janet returns home giving birth to a son on the journey. #sadstory

20th January

OTD 1730 #Dunbar'The Session agrees to reduce the penalties of Patrick Deans and John Cockran 'for antinuptial fornication to two pound Scots each, and if they do not pay the same the Treasurer is appointed to pursue each of them for six pounds Distribution to the Poor.' Also distribution to the poor 'being fourteen in... Continue Reading →

19th January

OTD 1720 #Duns John Temple 'a married person went from this place upon a report that Jean Davidson had given him up as the father of her child she had murdered.' Also William Clark charged with antenuptial fornication and publickly rebuked 'Katherine Wardlaw dely'd until she recovers.'

18th January

December 19th 1728 to January 18th 1730 'money delivered to the Treasurer at his Entry, Collections, Seats, Mortcloths, Hearse Money, Tombstones, Marriage & Private Baptisms amounts in the sum of one thousand, two hundred and seventy-eight pounds, nine shil and four pennies Scots'

17th January

OTD 1738 #Dunbar In future the Surgeon may allow medicines for poor only if agreed in advance by the Elders of the Quarter or the Minister. The Session 'also find there is great demand for School wages for poor children both from town and country' #scottishkirk #disciplinebook

16th January

OTD 16th January 1737 #Duns Abraham Robinson appears before congregation for the third rebuke for his sin and he is absolved. (Immoral Crime unrecorded)

15th January

OTD #Duns 1719 Janet [?] and Janet Reid were charged with scolding on the Lord's Day. They were give a (private) sessional rebuke rather than a 'publick' rebuke as it was a first offence. #scottishkirk #discplinebooks #maresearch

13th January

OTD 1712 #Dunbar 'Elizabeth Howick aged 36 years Janet Ferguson aged 28 years and Margaret Guise aged 24 years, witnesses against Marion Dods all of them Depons that they heard the said Marion call Joan Masson both a witch and witched severall tymes. She lyble is clearly proven'

12th January

OTD 1737 #Dunbar 'The Session Considering that it is Necessary to keep an Exact Register of the Dead, which has hither to been neglected' #scottishkirk #kirkdiscplinebooks

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